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Measurement Technology

Measurement Technology

Technical services and damage analyses

TVFA has high-performance measurement technology at its disposal, including the capability of monitoring to precisely determine and observe the physical quantities of components, parts, etc. These measurements make it possible to simulate realistic loads in the laboratory as well as to optimize and check calculations.

Our many years of experience and practical expertise at the current state of technology enable us to successfully clarify causes of damage and, through appropriate measures, prevent consequential damage and repeated errors.

Our services:

  • Component strength calculation for linear- elastic and elastic-plastic deformations, influence of temperature field and heat, thermally induced residual stresses, natural vibrations
  • Calculation of elastic buckling, fatigue behaviour and service life assessment
  • Verifications of static and dynamic loading
  • Fracture mechanical examinations and calculations of crack growth behaviour and fracture toughness
  • Assessment of the load-bearing capacity and service life of damaged components
  • Determination of physical quantities such as: distensions, travel distances, accelerations, forces and temperatures, both in use and under testing
  • Consultancy regarding the selection of materials
  • Consultancy regarding welding
  • Consultancy regarding inspections
  • General damage analyses, expert opinion services
  • Inspection of equipment, components and parts
  • Customized testing according to customer requirements
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