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Material Testing

Material Testing

Materials testing and materials analysis

All industrially manufactured products are made of materials with specific properties and application limits.

In our accredited laboratory, we mainly carry out destructive tests on materials of all kinds. We provide these services according to standardized methods or tailor-made according to specifications which we develop together with our customers. We can perform static as well as dynamic tests in a wide temperature range.

Our extensive experience in damage analysis and component testing enables us to advise you on the best choice of materials.

The TÜV AUSTRIA Group offers all common non-destructive testing methods as well as advanced NDT.

Our services:

  • Determination of material characteristics (mechanical/technological)
  • Advice on testing possibilities and fixture construction
  • Advice on material selection
  • Standard Sample Production/Special Sample Production
  • Static and dynamic testing:
    - Tensile tests
    - Compression tests
    - Bending tests
    - Torsion tests
    - Charpy impact testing
  • Fracture mechanical investigations incl. specimen preparation
  • Corrosion tests
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